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Providing Quality Services Throughout Kent

Here at Always Green Artificial Lawns, we aim to provide the best quality Artificially Grass service possible. Thanks to the professional experienced team we have, we are able to complete work efficiently and quickly. Our team will also answer any questions you may have about the installation of the Artificial Grass.  

Look below to see all of the packages we are able to provide:

Always Green Elite

​The combination of a dense deep pile with a truly natural looking multi-green colour.


If you are looking for a realistic alternative to natural grass, Elite will offer you a luxurious choice. This comes down to its dense look, the pile height of 35mm and the natural soft texture of the yarn. In addition, the multi-green colour of the grass ensures that it looks great throughout the year.

35mm pile-height hardwearing soft durable state-of-the-art non-infill monofilament grass surface.

Dense natural look and feel.

Suitable for lawns pathways and play areas.

Latex backing so water resistant, pre punched for drainage.

Two-tone green pile along with a multi directional blade and thatch layer

Always Green Delight

This medium pile lawn offers you a dense and natural experience close to grass.


An ideal grass for a perfect-looking lawn, Lifestyle Delight has a lovely dense look and natural feel. If you are looking for an artificial grass that is also good for children to play on and for pets to run around on, this is perfect.


Lifestyle Delight comes in multiple greens, with a pile height of 24mm, which all helps it be a luxurious and realistic alternative to natural grass.


Always Green Lifestyle

If you are looking for artificial grass to suit your family's playing, socialising and entertainment needs, you will find that Lifestyle Lawn is a great all-round artificial grass.

From a game of football, to tag or sitting out on a warm summer's evening, you will find that whatever your age you will appreciate Lifestyle Lawn's soft and forgiving nature.


It has a pile height of 30mm and comes in two-tone green, which gives a realistic appearance to the grass, and requires a sand infill to help secure the grass and give it some bounce.    

Always Green City

Pets will enjoy running on the grass, and maintenance of this grass is straightforward, particularly when clearing up after your pets.


It's short curled pile height of 10mm, means it is a no-fuss fake grass ,


All of our artificial grasses, including Lifestyle City, allow water to drain through them – just take a look at the drainage holes punched into the back of the backing.

Always Green Multi

Because of its short pile height of 13mm and its hard-wearing nature, it is ideal for displays, roof terraces, walk ways and other general leisure purposes. So why not think about making use of that dark outdoor space that has previously been out of sight.

You also have the option that we can install this grass with or without sand infill, depending upon where and how you plan to use your grassed area.

Interested in any of our services? Call us today on 01233 812424 or if you would prefer, you can e-mail us at Alternatively you can click here to visit our Contact page and fill in our contact form located and we will look to get back to you as soon as possible.

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