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Considering Artificial Grass in Medway?

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Would you like artificial grass in Medway? Then you have come to the right place. Welcome to Always Green Artificial Lawns, we are a family owned and operated business that specialises in providing clients with elegant and practical synthetic grass materials. We have a wide selection of products to choose from, all of which are competitively priced to suit all budgetary requirements. Grass installations can be a challenging process, however, we have a wealth of knowledge and skill, bringing you a complete design and construction package that you won’t find anywhere else. 


An Introduction to Always Green Artificial Lawns


Since our establishment, we have made it our mission to bring across our family values to our customers. This includes honesty, sophistication and integrity, which has helped us to complete stress-free projects for our clients. With our artificial grass in Medway, we carry out the design and installation, advising you on the best options for your particular gardens. We use only the finest materials, all of which have been manufactured to industry leading standards, therefore, giving clients the exceptional results they need and deserve. 


Over the years, synthetic grass has become extremely popular due to their fantastic properties which help them to offer a durable and stylish presence in your lawns. They are designed to be both water and UV resistant, meaning that they won’t create mud or mess, whilst maintaining their colour for years to come. Additionally, all of our artificial grass in Medway is able to withstand heavy use and regular foot traffic. This makes them the perfect option for family homes with pets and children as well as those who enjoy hosting social gatherings, so you can be rest assured knowing that you are making the right investment with us. 


Why not take a look at our gallery page? Here you can see all of the impressive work we have carried out over the years for previous clients who have been more than satisfied with the results we have achieved. 


Why Work With us?


Every garden is different, however, we can be sure to tailor our services according to your exact specifications, brightening up your outdoor areas and complimenting your home significantly. Our approved installers will show a wide selection of artificial grass in Medway to choose from in green tones, advising you on a suitable option for your particular garden space. The grass is a consistent length throughout and will save you the hassle of cutting your grass consistently during the warmer months as they will stay intact at all times. You will also be happy to know that synthetic grass requires very little to no maintenance, a simple wash with water every now and then will do the job perfectly, keeping the grass clean and fresh.


To learn more about artificial grass in Medway, feel free to call us on 01233 812 424 and our specialists can happily arrange a consultation at your earliest convenience. For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via our online form and our customer service representatives will be in touch to answer your questions. Alternatively, you can email us directly using and we can provide you with any further information that you require. 

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